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By Venkatesh / 16 May 2018

Link Building is a critical part of SEO Where your website will be ranked in top pages when you have quality back links for your website. Now first of all let us know what back links are. In short I will explain you that if your website URL is linked or is placed in others website that segment is called back links. Now how do we calculate back links or quality back links that is very much important for any website owner because placing your website link in to another website is not a great deal but there are factors involved and what are these factors I will explain below.

Google has some set of rules when it comes to ranking aspects as we all know that 75 to 80 % market share of search engine is lies with Google that is 75% to 80% of the people on the net prefer Google Search if they want to get some information and to get listed on 1st page of Google search on a particular keyword we have to do search engine optimization where On Page and Off Page work is done for that particular website which is ranked on 1st page for a particular keyword search term so now there are some protocols given by Google. You might curious to know what the meaning of protocol is. Protocol is a set of rules set by Google Webmaster Guidelines and one of the rules to rank your site is Link Building.

Link building campaign for your website is a work involved to place your website link in to other website so now the question arises that why other websites will allow your website link to be placed in their website so it’s a complete commercial topic. As I said in my above lines that the market share which Google has is incredible so it has its own set of rules. You have some multiple channels of link building for example directory submission, article posting, blog commenting ,guest posting etc. so now let’s talk about quality link building as I have already written in my above statement that I will explain below. For example if a directory has High Page Rank of 8 and if you place your website link in that directory or a website than you built a quality back link.

As I said in my above statement that Google has its own protocol this protocol will lead your website to get an honor of having quality back link if it is linked to that particular directory or website. So the process follows if you build as many quality back links from the right sources than automatically your website traffic is generated and it will be listed in Google Search for that particular keywords people are searching for. My advice to all the people who own a website should understand the basic process of SEO where you will enlighten to know how link building is crucial for traffic and ranking process. There are more factors to know about link building and for that you have to do your own research and learn what is Link Building and its process in depth.